Our Marketing Expertise
National Commercial Auctioneers specializes in the sale of commercial property including real estate, equipment and intellectual property. We are everything commercial in the commercial auction business.


Commercial real estate can be one of the most difficult property types to value in these ever changing economic times. One day your property is worth $5 million as a fully stabilized investment grade asset and the next day it may only be worth $2 million after the anchor tenant files bankruptcy and your lender calls your mortgage.

commercial llcOther commercial properties are purchased with a long-term hold strategy in mind but sometimes, long term is just too long term. You are faced with the decision – do you hold, invest more cash and wait, or do you get your liquidity now and let the next owner make the necessary investments to hold and wait? If your decision is to sell, then you want to sell now!

Unlike your home where you get the tangible benefit of living there, commercial real estate is all business. You are either making money or you are losing money. Rents and values are either going up or your return on equity is going down. And when that time comes to pull out your cash so you can invest elsewhere, you need a company to create the marketplace for your commercial real estate. There is no better way to make this happen than through a professionally managed and marketed commercial real estate auction.


Commercial equipment can have its own set of challenges.   Each inventory of assets we sell requires special attention given that most inventories have a diversity of assets that are regional, national and international.  Our marketing process is designed to reach the target market through proactive telemarketing and digital market campaigns to let the likely buyers know about the commercial assets we are selling.

At National Commercial Auctioneers, we create the marketplace quickly and efficiently. If you have commercial equipment to sell, we can also develop an effective auction marketing plan just for you.


Our expert marketing professionals can reach the target buyers and convert them into bidders by implementing our extensive, property-specific multi-media marketing campaigns. While many of the traditional media sources, like newspapers and direct mail, are important as a way of promoting an auction, NCA implements a variety of other techniques that reach targeted markets and communicate key elements about your property to raise the interest and attract qualified buyers to the auction.

We do this by using leading-edge strategies such as:

  • Global Digital Media Campaigns
  • Proprietary Buyer Databases
  • Ethnic & Targeted Publications
  • Transactional Press Releases
  • Strategic Association Marketing
  • Proactive Telemarketing
  • Industry-Leading Research
  • Detailed Property Packages
  • Holding Company

Our marketing system works to find those buyers that are in the market and ready, able and willing to buy NOW!


We track our buyer inquiries and have multiple one-on-one conversations with every buyer. We learn their “hot buttons” regarding the property they are interested in and provide them with the information necessary to make an informed buying decision leading to a successful transaction.

By gauging and tracking the interest level in the marketplace in advance of the auction, buyers know we are setting the appropriate expectations with our clients, and sellers know we have our fingertips on the pulse of the market. When auction day comes, the buyers are ready to buy and our clients are ready to sell!


While our terms and conditions of each auction provide for all property to be sold in “as-is, where-is” condition, National Commercial Auctioneers believes that we need to make all material disclosures regarding our auction properties before the first bid.

We work with our clients to prepare thorough Property Information Packages which are available to the interested buyers for download from our website. If updated or new information is obtained prior to the auction, all of the interested buyers that have contacted us will receive the updated information via email and we will call every buyer that did not provide their email address in order to deliver the updated information. On select auctions, we establish a digital data room for all of the property information to be available for download.

We will also work to have every property available for inspection before each auction and will follow up with the interested buyers that attended to make sure all of their questions have been answered.


On auction day, we are focused on getting your property sold for the highest price the marketplace will deliver. We focus on the core elements of every successful auction event – that means having one of our experienced auctioneers and our experienced auction staff execute an auction that gives every buyer the opportunity to bid so that the property goes into contract immediately.

NOTE: Most real estate auctions are held on-site and all equipment auctions are held online only via the Secretary of State.


After the sale is ratified, we manage the transaction to help ensure a timely closing. We stay committed to the transaction until the trade is made, the title transferred, and the financial terms have been satisfied.