Privacy Policy

The Hartford Funds (the “Funds”) and the Funds principal manager and investment advisor, Hartford Investments Canada Corp. and other member companies of the Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. which provide services in support of the Funds (collectively “we, “us” or “our”) want you and our employees and dealers to be aware of the principles we apply when we collect, use disclose or retain personal information. We value your trust and are committed to the responsible management, use; and protection of your Personal Information. This is called LLC Privacy.

HICC is a member of the Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. (“Hartford”), one of North America’s largest providers of investment and insurance products and services. Various Hartford member companies and their divisions offer numerous financial products and services to many types of individuals and clients. Therefore, each Hartford member company or any of its operating divisions may adopt different privacy policies and practices to fit the specific products and services they offer. Reference should be had to the policy adopted by that specific Hartford company or division as this Privacy Policy is applicable only to those Hartford companies listed in the section of this Privacy Policy entitled Those Hartford Companies to which this Privacy Policy Applies.

This Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time. An up to date version can be obtained by contacting our Chief Privacy Officer at the address set out below in the section called “Contacting the Hartford Privacy Officer”.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information for the LLC

We collect Personal Information for mutual fund and marketing purposes including:
a) record, service and complete your Fund Transactions with us;
b) to deliver prescribed material (statements, simplified prospectus, semi-annual and annual reports); and
c) to advise you of our products and services.

Typically we obtain Personal Information from:
a) You; and
b) Participating mutual fund dealers; and c) third parties in the event we are unable to locate you based on the contract information we have on file about
you, including consumer reporting agencies

Depending on the type of product or service You apply for or get from us, we collect and use Personal Information such as:
a) your name;
b) your date of birth;
c) your social insurance number, where required for tax purposes;
d) your address;
e) your telephone number;
f) your beneficiary; or
g) your banking information.

We sometimes provide personal information to affiliated companies or an independent third party service provider which perform certain services on our behalf. For example, we may provide Personal Information to our custodian or to our transfer agency service provider. We obligate these affiliates and third party service providers to use and take steps to protect personal information.

We may also collect, use and disclose to an affiliated company of Hartford, personal information for marketing purposes, such as identifying and communicating with individuals who are most likely to find our products and services of interest and to conduct marketing and customer service surveys. Your consent to this collection, use and disclosure of your personal information is voluntary. You may choose not to have us collect, use or disclose your personal information for these marketing purposes by contacting our Privacy Officer at the address indicated in the section of this Privacy Policy entitled Contacting the Hartford Privacy Officer.

We do not sell the personal information entrusted to us nor do we sell our client lists.

You may request to gain access to the Personal Information in the financial services file which we will establish if you have a financial product or service with us. This file will be kept in our offices and you may request to access it by making such request in writing to our Chief Privacy Officer. Under certain circumstances access to information may be limited. We require that individuals provide us with sufficient information prior to releasing Personal Information.

Those Hartford Companies to which this Privacy Policy Applies

Hartford Investments Canada Corp

Contacting the Hartford Privacy Officer for Legal Zoom

Should you wish further information about our personal information practices contact our privacy officer:

Chief Privacy Officer
Hartford Investments Canada Corp.
4 King Street West, Suite 1103
Toronto, Ontario M5H 1B6
Telephone Number: (416) 204-9916 (local)
1-877-302-2210 (toll free)

As used in this Privacy Notice: Personal Information means information such as: a) your name;
b) your date of birth;
c) your social insurance number;
d) your address;
e) your telephone number;
f) your beneficiary; or
g) your banking information.

Transaction means your business dealings with us, such as:
a) your Application;
b) your request to purchase, sell or exchange units
of The Hartford Funds;
c) your request to utilize services offered by The Hartford Funds or Hartford Investments Canada Corp., and
d) your request for us to take an action on your account.

You means an individual who has given us Personal Information in conjunction with:
a) asking about;
b) applying for; or
c) obtaining; a product or service from us.

For more information, please visit: