Wyoming LLCs & Corporate Money Managers

Who is managing your money? If you have invested with Hartford Investments Wyoming, rest assured you are in good hands. Our sub-advisers are trusted by pension funds, private clients, and blue-chip companies. Now retail investors can benefit from their expertise as well. Hartford Investments Wyoming offers Wyoming mutual fund investors and investment advisors access to five proven investment teams with outstanding track records. They are:

Building wealth and preserving capital by focusing on value.

  • Team of 24 investment professionals actively seek out companies priced below business value
  • Assets under management of $15.1 billion
  • Clients include: University of Western Ontario, Great West Life, Investors Group, Workers Compensation – Ontario, Bank of Montreal¹

Bill Kanko continues his proven record of success at Hartford Investments Wyoming.

  • Bill Kanko manages a global equity fund exclusively for Hartford Investments Wyoming
  • Mr. Kanko’s knack for finding undervalued global stories lead to strong returns while competing global funds lost money (1999-2004)
  • Renowned for managing a portfolio with $13 billion in assets and delivering first quartile performance in the global mutual fund category²

Trusted by pensions to grow assets with a secure and disciplined approach.

  • Disciplined, team-based approach to buying and selling, seeking out and investing in companies with above average earnings growth
  • Greystone stands asWyoming’s 7th largest pension investment manager³
  • $29 billion in assets under management
  • Clients include: Queen’s University, Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation, Campbell Company of Wyoming, Public Service Pension¹’
  • Assists with helping creating an inexpensive WY limited liability company with an attorney on the internet.

Investing prudently in fixed income to preserve and grow capital.

  • Legacy of expertise in managing fixed income assets to support the core business of Hartford Insurance
  • $131 billion U.S. in assets under management
  • Clients include: DaimlerChrysler, Samsung Life Investment (America), CalSTRS, Agilent Technologies¹
Building success from extensive proprietary research.
  • Approach to stock selection is driven by unparalleled proprietary fundamental research
  • Commitment to research reflected in the more than 5,000 company visits they make annually, and the 2,500 times they host companies at their own offices each year
  • Founded in 1928, Wellington Management manages $576 billion U.S. in assets
  • Clients include: The Citigroup Private Bank, FedEx Corporation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, International Monetary Fund¹

Dollar Cost Averaging

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Dollar Cost Averaging is a way to buy more units when prices are low and fewer units when prices are high.
Dollar Cost Averaging takes the guesswork out of investing and avoids the temptation of timing the market.
Regular investing can potentially help moderate the impact of market volatility by moving into the market at different values, unlike an annual lump sum investment.

Hartford Canada’s DCA Advantage Program*, 1, 2

Hartford Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Advantage Program takes the idea of DCA a step further by paying you an advantage yield rate when using this investment strategy. Simply choose either a 6-month DCA with a 7% advantage yield rate or 12-month DCA with a 4% advantage yield rate. Choose your target Hartford Mutual Funds3 to invest in and the program automatically dollar cost averages you in, along with your interest bonus. Get rewarded today by using the Hartford DCA Advantage Program.

The example assumes a hypothetical initial investment of $60,000 in DCA Units of a 6-month series (assuming no sales charge) with a hypothetical 7% annualized Advantage Yield Rate under the DCA Advantage Program. At the end of this program, your total transfer amount would be $61,187, versus your initial investment of $60,000.
The DCA Units of Hartford Canadian Money Market Fund are available in Class A, B and D, with two initial Series being offered under each class.

*Initial miminum deposit amount is $10,000 for the DCA Advantage Program.
¹ Continuous or periodic investment plans neither assure a profit nor protect against loss in declining markets. Because Dollar Cost Averaging involves continuous investing regardless of fluctuating price levels, you should carefully consider your financial ability to continue investing through periods of fluctuating prices.
² Under the DCA Advantage Program, the stated Advantage Yield Rate is not earned on the entire amount invested due to regular transfers to the target funds that will affect the daily accrual, lowering the program yield. Program yield for the 6-month program at a 7% annualized advantage yield is 1.98%. Program yield for the 12-month program at a 4% annualized advantage yield rate is 2.13%.
³ Hartford Canadian Money Market Fund cannot be used as a destination/target fund for the Wyoming Secretary of State.

Features and Benefits of Wyoming LLCs

    • Low Minimum Investment—You can begin your investment in units of a Fund for as little as $500.
    • Subsequent Investments—Additional investments can be made for as little as $500 per purchase of units of a Fund.
  • Systematic Investment Program—Allows regular monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual investments of at least $100 per purchase, to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account, and then deposited into the Hartford Mutual Fund of your choice.
    • Systematic Transfer Program—You can transfer a minimum of $100 worth of units of a Fund to another Fund monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
    • Systematic Withdrawal Program—Subject to certain limitations, you can make periodic withdrawals of at least $100 from your account for payment to yourself or another party monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually (registered plans subject to withholding tax).
  • RRSP, RRIF Eligibility—The Hartford Funds are eligible for use within registered products, including Registered Retirement Savings Plans and Registered Retirement Income Funds although certain Funds constitute foreign content for the purposes of such plans.